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We are a Washington based family breeder of Standard, medium, and miniature Australian Labradoodles. We are completely invested and take great pride in raising and breeding our puppies for health, personality, temperament, and beauty! Our motto is “from our family to yours” so that each puppy goes from our dedicated care to the best possible forever home.
Our Values


MY ROLE AS A BREEDER is to guide you in the proper dog selection for your family. We provide thorough genetic testing to ensure the quality of our breeding dogs to give the added assurance of a healthy happy puppy, on the inside and out.
All our puppies are adorable and loving, but each have their own temperaments and personalities that will make them suitable for different families and environments. Labradoodles are very devoted to their owners! They want to be an integral part of your life. You will notice that no matter where you are, they want to be. I love this loyalty and familial connection. They love to be by your side. These great attributes are combined with a beautiful non-shedding allergy and asthma friendly coat. Coupled with their temperament, personality, loving nature and beauty, the Australian Labradoodle has become one of the most desirable breeds to so many people and families. Not that we are biased, but we wholeheartedly agree.
However, this breed may not be for you depending on your goals. For example, if you are looking for a dog that will spend most of its time outside, away from you or your family, then this breed is not a good fit. All breeds have different attributes and this decision is a big one. You are committing your heart and 12-15 years of your life. Additionally, this puppy will need love and attention, a financial commitment, and training to be the best they can in your home and in the community. I can provide you with an amazing puppy, but it is up to you to raise an amazing dog. This starts here with me as the breeder and will continue with you as their new forever family.

Our Values


As we searched for our first Australian Labradoodle it was important that our puppy was raised and whelped with an individualized well socialized approach.  We quickly discovered that small breeding programs had a very successful environment to provide this attention.  As a family with 5 children, we knew that this was the way to go. As a family breeder with a boutique breeding program we are dedicated to this mission and thrive on working individually with each puppy.  These delightful puppies are raised in our home with our entire focus. From the moment they are born they are totally loved and cared for.  As my kids would say, “They are the sweetest, most joyful, smart, loving little angels and we can’t stop being with them”.  These little fur bundles truly just want to please, play and snuggle.

Along with our 5 children, we shower our puppies with love and individualized attention.  We also apply the “PUPPY CULTURE” methods of puppy rearing with the science that backs a well rounded and socialized puppy “from our family to yours”.  Please click HERE to learn about some of the methods we implement.

Our Values


We provide thorough genetic testing to ensure the quality of our breeding dogs to give the added assurance of a healthy happy puppy.

Prior to breeding we test for:

  • Congenital Cardiac Disease (OFA Exam)
  • Patellar Luxation (OFA Exam)
  • Hip Dysplasia (OFA or PennHIP)
  • Elbow Dysplasia (OFA)
  • Joint Formation (OFA)
  • A Multitude of Congenital and Naturally Occurring Eye Diseases (OFA CAER)

(This high level of testing is supported by our Two-Year Health Warranty, which protects us as breeders and you as a pet owner. We provide the framework for your dog to have a long and healthy life and encourage you to provide the environmental factors to support those efforts. As extra assurance and as part of your health contract you are provided with a free 30 days of pet insurance through Trupanion.Additionally, When you receive your puppy, we provide a 3-day short-term health warranty which allows you to take your puppy to your veterinarian for a health check for your assurance and ours. We intend to always do the Right Thing and stand by our program and dogs. We will make all reasonable efforts to amend any situation within the boundaries of the contract)

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