What are the Fees and costs?

A Multigeneration Australian Labradoodle Companion Puppy from Emerald Valley Labradoodles is a $3000.  To be placed on the reservation list a $500-dollar non-refundable Reservation and Consultation Fee is required and applied towards the total. For a Guardian Home the cost is a few years commitment for an Emerald Valley Labradoodle Puppy.

Why so expensive.?

There are many expenses breeders face with Australian Labradoodles.  First, purchasing a breeding quality sire or dam is massively expensive.  You may be wondering why? Breeding quality dogs are chosen for their physical characteristics and most importantly for the extensive genetic testing that ensures the long-term health of the breed and the promise of a healthy puppy inside and out (See list below).  To give you a glimpse of the cost, a single test can cost up to $900.  That said, a series of tests are required which exponentially adds up. Once testing is complete, breeders wait another one and half to two years before breeding.  I wholeheartedly believe in assuring the genetic soundness of the breed and a promise to new puppy families that they are receiving into their home a puppy that will provide tons of love for many years to come.  We are so grateful for the genetic testing available currently and the assurances it provides for the long-term health and genetic dependability of the Australian Labradoodle.  If only all the testing were free.

  • Hip and elbows testing
  • Patellar certification
  • Eye examination by a certified ophthalmologist
  • Specialized thyroid panel
  • CBC Blood Panels
  • PRA Testing
  • Completed DNA Screening of over 150 Genetic Diseases
  • DNA Profile testing to identify lineage of dogs
  • OFA Congenital Cardiac Clearance
  • High Level of continuous Professional Training
  • Legal Fees for contracts between Breeders and Pet Owners
  • Veterinary Fees for health and testing purposes
  • Vaccines and Titers in order to NOT over vaccinate our dogs
  • Homemade fresh food for our dogs and puppies to insure optimal health and growth
  • The cost of veterinary care for breeding dogs and our puppies before they head home is constantly on the rise and we must cover those expenses.

What is included with my puppy adoption?

An amazing Emerald Valley Multigenerational Australian Labradoodle
A Microchipped Puppy with Documentation
Vaccination and Health Record
Two Year Health Warranty
Puppy Assessment to insure the Right Puppy for the Right Family at the Right Time!
Early Socialization, Sensitivity Training
Litter Registration with the ALAA
ALAA Registration Papers and Pet Transfer Codes after de-sexing procedure is complete
Keepsake Snuggle Puppy that smells like mom and litter mates.

What about raising puppies with kids?

This is a challenge and one that you need to be up to as a family.  I prefer to be straight forward and caution you to think carefully about this decision. Many ask, why is this even an issue?  We have 5 children and 3 dogs in our household, and we can attest that it is not for the faint of heart.  The challenges with children revolve around their energy level, immaturity, lack of impulse control, and just the overall chaos.  As part of your decision I recommend reading some books and websites on this topic before you apply for a puppy.  Just because a breeder approves your application does not mean that it is a wise choice for your family currently. You know yourself, your limits, and your ability to stay calm under puppy pressure.

Can I exercise or run with my puppy?

If you are active, I am sure you are looking forward to running, jogging, or hiking with your puppy.  Please be patient as your new 8-12-week-old puppy is not ready to go on jogs or even walks yet.  Repetitive exercise stresses joints before the age of one year.  Additionally, your little pup has not received all the vaccinations.  There is a very high risk of acquiring parvo, which is found on almost all surfaces.

That said, there a few things that you can do to get them ready for walking and running.  Leash training will be your first step.  If you start this soon it will be a breeze once they are ready to go on a run.  Initially, attach the leash to their collar and allow them to walk around the house with it on.  Shortly, they will get used to it.  Once they are used to it, start picking up the leash making sure not to pull on it.  With the leash in your hand move a few feet away, careful not to pull on the leash.  Call them to you and be ready with treats. Remember, do not pull on the leash.  This will disrupt your efforts and negate some of your hard work.

After a litter is born, how do I know which puppy will be mine?

Pairing the right puppy with the right family and the right family to the right puppy is at the core of our puppy adoption process.

From puppy birth to adoption we spend countless hours in observation of each individual puppy to help determine which one will thrive in what home.  We have a two-fold system as we start with your puppy application and your input on preferences.  Around 6-7 weeks we consult with you on your top 3 choices and we will also schedule a time for all our puppy families to come and see the litter, interact with them, and have time to answer additional questions.   Being here in person is not a requirement for being matched.

Around 6 – 8 weeks matching will be finalized and at 8 weeks each puppy will have a professional evaluation.  During the 6-8-week period we will review your preferences, needs, and order of deposit receipts of all applicants.  Although part of our process has a priority on deposits received, we will only match a puppy if it is a good fit for your family and home. We invite you to keep an open mind when it comes to color and gender.  The more flexible you are the more likely we will be able to match a puppy to your home as soon as possible.

When we purchased our first Australian Labradoodle, we were surprised by the puppy adoption process and how much went into finding the right fit for our home.  However, we quickly found this to be the most personalized and successful puppy adoption we had ever experienced.  This experience has been so helpful that we have implemented this in our breeding program.

Can we visit the puppies before the go home date?

Yes, we will schedule a visit around 6 weeks of age.  We really enjoy when our adoptive families come and visit the puppies.  We have put some structure around our visits due to the risk of contagious diseases that are easily acquired by young puppies.  As a boutique breeder our program is run out of our home with our 5 children.  This is a great environment to raise dogs and puppies, but it is very busy, so drop-in visits are impossible.  So, we will work with our new owners to schedule a visit.  New owners can make a scheduled visit once they pay their reservation fee and when the puppies are around 6 weeks old.  We try to take frequent pictures every week of the puppies so you can see each one as they develop.  If you can schedule a visit this is a great time to see you interact with the puppies and secure puppy assignments.  Thank you so much in advance for your understanding.

Helpful hints on house training

  • Your Australian Labradoodle puppy has been trained to a potty pad when indoors and goes outside in groups on grassy areas when they have reached the appropriate age and when weather permits. We recommend taking your new puppy out to go potty every 30 – 45 minutes for the first two weeks. Taking away food and water between 5 – 6 pm will also be very helpful and allow puppy to empty his/her bladder prior to bedtime recommended 10 – 11 pm if you are putting your puppy in a crate for the night. There is no need to take your puppy out to go potty in the middle of the night, nor do we recommend it. Your puppy should be just fine at this point to sleep and make it through the night. In the morning between 6 – 7 am you will pick up your puppy and carry them outside for their morning potty.Remember, when your Australian Labradoodle puppy eats, wait almost half an hour, and they will need to go potty either on the potty pad or outside with the command “go potty”. Consistency and maintaining a routine are key when potty training your new Australian Labradoodle puppy!


  • Their beautiful fleecy/curly non-shedding coat is one of the many reason people are drawn to the Australian Labradoodle.  If you have already reached out to a groomer most likely they will recommend coming in every 6-8 weeks.  Depending on how long you like the coat you may wait longer in between grooming.  However, there are bound to be some tangles, so daily combing for about 5 minutes should help limit this.  If need be you can always trim out a tangle with some scissors.  Their coats are pretty forgiving, and this is rarely visible with their longer hair.  We have heard many stories of new Australian Labradoodle owners that show up to the groomer when their dog has many mats or tangles.  If this is the case, get ready for your dog to have extremely short hair.  I recommend taking the middle ground and not let their hair get too long.

What is a Guardian Home, and can I be one?

  • A Guardian Home is an approved family that raises and cares for our breeding dogs. We select Guardian Homes because we do not kennel our breeding dogs and cannot keep all of them in our home. This program is a great way for our dogs to be raised, loved and cared for like all family pets.We require a home inspection to place a dog in your home. Although Emerald Valley Labradoodles is responsible for breeding related costs (health testing, sonograms, etc.), the guardian family is responsible for all normal pet costs (veterinary care, pet insurance, vaccines, flea prevention, grooming, training, food, etc.).In the Guardian Home program, an approved family cares for a puppy as a permanent member of the family. The family will raise and train the puppy throughout its pet and breeding career.Emerald Valley Labradoodles owns the breeding rights and requires access to our Guardian dog a few times throughout the year for testing and breeding.For females, we will require that she come visit us throughout the year so that she is familiar with our family. Aside from testing and breeding, she will need to stay with us a week before the puppies’ due date, until the puppies are weaned. Our Guardian Families are welcome to come and visit at arranged times after the pups are a week old, of course!  Afterwards, the dog will return to your home to the family it knows and loves. For males, we will need him for approved pairings, which may only be within an hour’s notice.

    Our Guardian Families have the benefit of the pick of the litter with no upfront cost, but need to be prepared for the additional responsibility that this entails.

    Upon retirement, we will pay to have your dog spayed or neutered. Then, it will remain with your family forever!


    • These picks of the litter puppies are no charge to you – however, you are expected to provide a very high quality of care in order to “pay” for your future dog.
    • The puppy will be completely health tested for congenital problems at no cost to you
    • You will have the joy of owning the very best that Emerald Valley Labradoodles has to offer


    • Live within a three-hour drive of Spokane, Washington
    • Own your home
    • Keep the dog as an indoor pet and have a fenced yard
    • Have a schedule that does not require you to leave the dog alone for long periods of time
    • Be prepared to heavily socialize our Guardian Puppy/Dog in all types of situations.
    • Commit to a very high level of professional training with our NSL Puppy/Dog – this is imperative!
    • Maintain open communication and provide regular updates and pictures. Phone pictures are fun, but we must also have regular camera quality pictures as well (e.g. notify before grooming and share pictures)
    • Bring the dog to us throughout the year
    • Commit to good health care and feed the dog quality food that we approve (preferably fresh food)
    • Cover all veterinary care aside from the genetic testing that we provide such as annual vaccines, deworm treatments, flea prevention and regular check ups
    • Have the dog covered by a pet insurance plan
    • Have the dog on a leash in public areas
    • Know the behaviors associated with intact males and females
    • Understand that the dogs are the property of Emerald Valley Labradoodles until their breeding career is completed and we have transferred ownership documentation to you after having them spayed or neutered.
    • Most importantly, provide the dog with lots of love!!! That is what this is all about!

    Interested in becoming a Guardian Home? Please contact us and complete a puppy application!

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